Bibio – Wake Up!


BIBIO NEW RECORD BIBIO NEW RECORD BIBIO NEW RECORD BIBIO NEW REcooo. This record is everything good. And the feeling of it is, in fact, the feeling of mind bokeh.

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Junip – Sweet & Bitter


Do you know Junip? You certainly should.
Sounds like it feels. Feels like right now. Right now is so so good.

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Siriusmo – Good Idea


Readers of the blog already know how I feel about Siriusmo. It feels like I have have been waiting ages for a long play, and now that it’s here have been delighted on a daily basis from end to end of his debut, Mosaik, out now on digital and next week on physical release. PLAY LOUD.

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Tommy Guerrero – The Last Maverick


Bones Brigade. Real. Quannum. Another Late Night. Levi’s. G-Shock. Vans.

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Vampire Weekend – I’m Going Down


I am loving the treatment that Vampire Weekend gives some of its own tracks on this EP, particularly the rocksteady production on Holiday. But this Springsteen cover? I mean, COME ON!

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Marco Carola – Groove Catcher


Don’t confuse Marco Carola’s recent production with the bells-ringing techno that he cut his teeth on, and get excited about Play It Loud, his first LP in eight years, released this week on the Minus imprint.

DOWNLOAD Marco Carola – Groove Catcher


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Eddie Spaghetti – Cowboy Boots


I have a soft spot in my early 20s heart for The Supersuckers, but following the release of the spectacular Must’ve Been High they fell off my radar, save the occasional blip over the years. Another one yesterday, when Eddie Spaghetti’s third (and forthcoming) solo record found its way through the leaky internet to me, and I was immediately struck by the choice to cover some old favourites: Steve Earle’s If You Fall In Love and The Supersuckers’ own Marie. The rest of it was no surprise – range, riffs, hooks, humour, and snarl – this record’s got it all going on and it goes on hard.

DOWNLOAD Eddie Spaghetti – Cowboy Boots


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